Cold Weather Protection Tips for Your Rental Property

Man with a snow shovel clears tenants’ driveway in front of apartment complex

Winter can be a challenging time for property owners and landlords, especially in Colorado, with our colder climates, snow, and unfavorable weather conditions. During this bitter time of year, not only are the elements a threat to safety, but tenants tend to stay inside using more heating, lighting, and hot water than usual, creating potentially dangerous situations.

Here are some cold weather protection tips to keep your rental property and tenants safe this season! 

Manage Ice and Snow

It’s important to be diligent and check the weather for alerts of snowfall or icy conditions so you can be ready to act. Establish who is responsible for ice and snow removal in your rental agreement. If you’re responsible, ensure you’ve arranged for snow removal services; if your tenants are responsible, ensure they are diligent with snow removal, including the sidewalks around the home.

Many people overlook the dangers of icicles forming on the roof, but you must remind tenants that they can be hazardous and even deadly in some cases. The best way to clear them is by using a long broom or stick, so they don’t fall and hurt anyone.

Have the Furnace Inspected

Heating is essential during the colder months, and you want to be prepared ahead of time to avoid any major issues with the heating when tenants might need it the most. Schedule an HVAC service and inspector to evaluate the furnace and ensure it is ready to go for the winter season. This way, they can start repairs early if they find any issues.

Check for Fire Hazards

It is more common to have a house fire during winter since people cook more at home, burn candles on dark winter nights, use portable electric heaters, etc. Be sure to have tenants check their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inside their units or homes and ensure all hallway detectors are checked along with fire extinguishers.

Remind renters to inform you of any faulty home wiring or appliances so you can have those fixed or replaced as soon as possible!

Communicate with Your Renters

A great way to enforce these winter safety practices would be sending out email reminders or flyers to your tenants to prepare for the winter season and providing them with a checklist for keeping safe during the winter months.

An open line of communication between you, your tenants, and your property manager is how everyone stays happy and healthy during a challenging season.

At Dakota Property Management, we recognize how important cold weather protection is for your properties, especially in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding areas where cold weather is no stranger during winter. Our property management services give you the peace of mind to ensure your tenants are cared for. We make it easy for renters to make maintenance repair requests online and are always available to answer questions and concerns!

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