Small model of a house in wool gloves on the street in winter against the background of snow

The Role Property Managers Play in Navigating Winter Emergencies

Winter can pose various challenges for rental properties, including cold weather and heating problems. During winter emergencies, having a proficient property management company like Dakota Property Management can make a significant difference in your tenants’ lives. Let’s delve into the crucial role property managers play in dealing with winter emergencies, ensuring the safety of tenants,…

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Man with a snow shovel clears tenants’ driveway in front of apartment complex

Cold Weather Protection Tips for Your Rental Property

Winter can be a challenging time for property owners and landlords, especially in Colorado, with our colder climates, snow, and unfavorable weather conditions. During this bitter time of year, not only are the elements a threat to safety, but tenants tend to stay inside using more heating, lighting, and hot water than usual, creating potentially…

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