Resident Benefits Package


Dakota Property Management has partnered up with local retailers and software companies to provide added benefits to our tenants.

Bi-annual Delivery of Replacement Air Filters

Second Nature will deliver the appropriately sized air filters to your home bi-annually. Your lease requires you to change the air filters for the HVAC system bi-annually. This service makes it extremely convenient to comply with this requirement.

Utility Assistance Program

Free service to help initiate your utilities. Citizen Home Solutions will reach out to you once leases have been signed to handle transferring your gas, electric, water, trash, cable, and even phone/internet all in one phone call.

1 Late Fee Waived Annually

Receive a one-time late fee forgiveness.

Credit Reporting

Benefit from positive credit reporting for on-time rental payment.

Vendor Access

Dakota allows you to use our large portfolio of preferred vendors for any personal projects or maintenance needs.

Maintenance Hotline

24/7 maintenance Hotline to reach a live person after hours for maintenance issues & emergencies.

Lockbox Move In

If you’re unable to pick up your keys during business hours for your move in, we can provide you with the keys via a lockbox at any time convenient for you.

Lockbox Move Out

If you’re unable to drop your keys off during business hours for your move out, we can provide you with a lockbox to turn the property over to us at any time convenient for you.

Regular Lease Renewals

We make sure all our tenant’s leases stay current and up to date. Many management companies allow their leases to automatically go month to month, but we prefer to provide our tenants with the security of minimum one-year leases.

Rent Payment Options

Our tenants have the option to pay their rent in almost any possible form. This includes online via direct transfer, credit/debit card (Dakota tenant portal), cash at any local 7-Eleven or CVS, or a personal check mailed to or dropped off to our office.


Can I opt out of this resident benefit package?

No, Dakota Property Management includes the resident benefit package in ALL our tenant’s leases. We unfortunately can’t make any exceptions to this.

If I provide my own renters insurance, can I opt out of the resident benefit package?

You may opt out of the complete resident benefit package and pay $25.00 for the limited benefit package if you provide us with your own renter’s insurance. You do have to be enrolled in either the complete or limited benefit package. There is no option to opt out of both packages.